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Are you aware of the benefits of e-mail marketing, but don't have the resource to capture customer e-mail addresses for marketing use? Are you undertaking customer e-mail marketing, but face issues with keeping data current? Our email appending services can help.

Use our email appending services to easily establish e-mail communication with customers for increased response and ROI. Add email addresses of over 20m consumers to your existing customer data today.


  • Establish e-mail marketing as a cost effective channel in your marketing programme
  • Maximise the volumes of e-mail data you can access
  • Efficiently transfer customers from offline to online channels
  • Reduce costs

What we do

E-Append from Experian provides a single source of e-mail data, enabling you to add e-mail addresses to your existing customer data.

How we do it

We have methods of appending e-mail data which maximise the response rates achieved:

  • Match customer data file against industry databases
  • Provide opt-out opportunity
  • Add e-mail addresses to your customer file

Why Experian

Experian possesses extensive knowledge of e-mail data. We help some of the best known household brands with their customer e-mail marketing every day.

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