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Turn compliance into competitive advantage

Turn compliance into competitive advantage

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Turn compliance into competitive advantage

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Bespoke Scorecards and Custom Analytics

For more than 30 years Experian has been developing customised analytical solutions, designed through client consultation, to meet specific business objectives. Unlike Bureau scorecards, which are built on generic samples, our custom solutions are built using historical data supplied by you and are therefore tuned to your customer profile.

A customised solution enables all data available at the decision point (for example applicant demographics, credit bureau data, existing account information and geo-demographic information) to be utilised in the most effective way in order to predict how applicants and customers will behave in the future.

We can provide you with a wide range of custom analytical solutions that can help to enhance existing decision making and make the best use of data available.

Custom Analytical Solutions

Experian have developed a unique approach to scorecard development that enables business knowledge to be incorporated into the solution, whilst ensuring that data is used in the most effective way. In addition to statistical expertise we place a lot of emphasis on data interpretation, ensuring a thorough understanding of the data available and making sure that unexpected trends can be explained and therefore modelled appropriately.

Our analytical capabilities stretch beyond credit scorecards. Our statistical expertise means that we can deliver solutions for a majority of analytical problems including:

  • Regulatory models
  • Evaluation of new data sources
  • Developing tailored models for new markets

All Experian projects follow rigorous quality assurance processes that combined with attention to detail around data ensures results are accurate and robust, therefore preventing unexpected issues when solutions are implemented.

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