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Rising Interest Rates

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Market and Portfolio Insight

Our expert consultancy service can help you with an in-depth insight into the market and the performance of your portfolios within it.

Having the right depth of intelligence about your portfolio, or your market(s), can be a complex challenge. Often with some areas having more organisational focus than others. However, having an in-depth understanding of your portfolio and the customers that underpin it can help you to prioritise business developments, align your strategy to evolving trends and quantify areas of risk whilst identifying areas of opportunity.

We do this through expert consultancy from our specialists in market insight and economics.

Key benefits

From this, we can help you:

  • Understand new lending trends (and terms), covering; demand, market share, demographic and geographic profiles as well as the quality of your business efforts
  • Manage customers through thoroughly understanding how your customers are using your products, trends in their behaviours and efficiencies within your lending strategies
  • Enhance your recoveries through a review of your current strategies vs. levels of default and other relevant considerations.
  • Access a future view, of how any of the above areas may change using economics across demographic and geographical profiles

How it works

Our strategic review is implemented by providing you with an independent view of the fundamental value of your portfolio and the customer base which underpins it.  We take into consideration both the current view and also the future resilience to external economic factors. To do this effectively we also leverage the insight derived from bureau data where applicable.

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