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Asset Event Manager - commercial vehicle fleet management software

Finding and collating the information on an entire fleet can be a drawn out, time consuming process which is difficult to continually upkeep and amend. Gaps in your fleet management data could unknowingly leave you facing serious consequences of vehicle fraud.

To protect your business against fraudulent activity, real-time alerts provided by Asset Event Manager can ensure that you are always well informed, without the high cost to your time.

What is Asset Event Manager?

Asset Event Manager is a fleet management software solution that provides ongoing vehicle monitoring through detailed reports and real-time alerts about events that could affect the saleability of your vehicles or indicate vehicle fraud.

How can Asset Event Manager help you? 

  • Get a bespoke approach to vehicle monitoring that suits your specific business needs
  • React instantly and in the right way to key changes to your fleet assets
  • Gather essential insight into your assets from one place and save time and resources

How does it work?

  • Get instant access to a diverse range of high quality data gathered by Experian and its partners in the finance industry.
  • Find out instantly about key changes in the status of your registered vehicles and get quick access to commonly used searches.

Simplify the process of gathering data on your registered vehicles by accessing a vast database containing all the information you need to identify and avoid vehicle fraud.

  • Tailor your reports to provide the information most crucial to your business and even tailor access for different users.
  • Dig deeper into a report by running a full vehicle history check on a vehicle directly from the report.

Tailor information to you and your business needs using the simple online system and make managing risk quick and easy.

  • Get instant notification of a vehicle being recorded as stolen, duel interest in a vehicle, a write-off and to changes recorded by the DVLA.
  • Place an automated ‘watch’ on any vehicle by simply recording your interest on the online system.

The AEM database is updated nightly to ensure that you always have access to the most reliable and up to date information.

  • Get AEM to investigate and compile reports for you then bring key information together in a letter, in one click.
  • Print or fax the letter to the relevant parties to proactively manage your assets.

For instance, AEM can collate all vehicles with dual finance against a particular organisation and automatically bring this together in a letter.

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