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AutoCheck Timeline – a detailed vehicle history check

Building a well-respected dealership is vital to long term success. Each vehicle you buy and sell contributes to the reputation of your dealership, but how can you be certain that every new purchase will enhance and not harm your fleet? Mistakenly selling a vehicle with adverse history can damage your client base and future sales potential. To ensure consistently high quality transactions and give you and your customers peace of mind, the full chronology of a vehicle can be provided by Autocheck Timeline.

What is AutoCheck Timeline?

AutoCheck Timeline is an in-depth, fully interactive vehicle history check detailing important events in a vehicle’s history, so you can run stolen vehicle and history checks to protect the reputation of your dealership and instil confidence in your buyers to help you sell more cars.

How can AutoCheck Timeline help you?

  • Protect the reputation of your dealership and the brands you represent
  • Stay ahead of the competition by selling the best vehicles with no adverse history
  • Increase customer confidence with full proof of a vehicle’s integrity
  • View a vehicle history report instantly displayed chronologically in an easy to view format.
  • See the order of events that have affected the vehicle and the date of that event from first registration onwards.

Get complete visibility of a vehicle’s history and check the events that could impact its re-sale value or your decision to buy.

  • Find out about changes to a vehicle’s colour, registered keeper, number plate and condition status.
  • See vehicle mileage, first MOT due date and whether the vehicle is an import or export.

Quickly discover a vehicle’s saleability based on a complete event history check with all key information collated in one report.

  • Find out if a vehicle is registered as stolen, scrapped or written off.
  • Reveal if a vehicle was stolen in the past but then recovered.

See a stolen vehicle check that not only relates to a vehicle’s current status, but to previous adverse events that could affect a vehicle’s integrity.

  • View vehicle information with more clarity than ever before using an interactive scrolling timeline to navigate events.
  • Easily print a vehicle timeline into a customer-friendly report to reinforce a sale.

Browse a vehicle’s timeline to get quick access to key details and hover over event icons and timeline dates for more information.

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