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AutoCheck - A comprehensive vehicle registration check

Your reputation is built upon the quality of service you provide. As a professional motor industry business, you will also need to maintain your professional diligence and ensure that you are complying with the latest Consumer Protection Regulations. A vehicle registration check can provide you with the details to ensure good re-sale value and profit for your business.

You may find yourself being misled over a vehicle’s true history, a mistake which can seriously undermine your business and leave you bearing the cost of a high-risk purchase. AutoCheck arms you with detailed, highly accurate information, helping you develop informed decisions about high-quality, low-risk vehicles. 

AutoCheck is also used to support Manufacturer Approved Used vehicle programmes to assist compliance with your franchise standards and Customer Protection Regulations – working towards keeping you covered and giving your clients peace of mind.

What is AutoCheck?

AutoCheck has just been redeveloped to be the next generation of vehicle provenance service helping motor industry experts to buy and sell vehicles with added confidence and maximum insight through comprehensive and easy to understand data. 

Delivered through a new Web portal, AutoCheck can be accessed by an authorised account holder through any web enabled device.  The newly formatted report allows you to discover a wealth of information just from an entering VRM and current mileage. Reports can be printed and saved as secure PDF documents.

How can AutoCheck help you?

  • Identify the key details and adverse information of vehicles you plan to purchase
  • Enhance your reputation by providing a tool to assist in meeting your professional diligence and Consumer Protection Regulations
  • Support compliance with your own business / group policies and, where applicable, franchise standards
  • Make faster, more profitable decisions with quick access to vital information

AutoCheck Timeline

Unique to AutoCheck, Timeline offers vehicle history information with unprecedented clarity. Instantly displaying a vehicle's history in an easy to view format, presented in chronological order from the point of first registration.

How does it work?

  • View reliable information in a detailed vehicle status report designed and formatted specifically for automotive retailers.
  • Print or save your vehicle status report and receive Approved Used Car Programme certificates via email, PDF or post.

Find out everything you need to know about a vehicle to make informed decisions at every stage from buying to selling.

  • Find out if a used car is registered as stolen, written off, exported or scrapped.
  • See if a car is still of interest to a finance company including details for further investigation.

See a vehicle’s full current status including supporting details and contact information where applicable.

  • See key vehicle information at a glance using a simple colour coded ‘dashboard’, including a Vehicle Identification number (VIN) check and a registration check.
  • Get reliable information on vehicle colour, body type, engine capacity, engine number, transmission, fuel type, ABI code, registration date and more.

Spot disparities quickly with important vehicle information summarised at the top of the report to guide you through the sections with ease, speed and confidence.

  • Get a comprehensive mileage check and an instant guide price evaluation.
  • View a fuel economy report showing CO2 emissions and Vehicle Excise Duty banding.

Arm yourself with a vehicle’s full background to get a better picture of vehicle history and current saleability.

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