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Data Cleansing - An automotive software tool to assist database management

Keeping accurate records of your customers is a growing challenge as individuals constantly change locations and other personal details. By using old vehicle information databases you may be wasting time and money by relying on inaccurate data. Data Cleansing is a specific automotive software tool that can help you target campaigns accurately and optimise the effectiveness of your data by removing, correcting and appending information in your databases and customer records.

What is Data Cleansing?

Data Cleansing is the quick, easy way to detect and correct inaccurate records held on your vehicle information database and append new information to existing customers, ensuring your marketing messages say the right things, to the right people, at the right time.

How can Data Cleansing help you?

  • Improve response rates and return on investment through more targeted campaigns
  • Make sure your business stays compliant with data regulations
  • Build targeted prospect lists based on Mosaic profiles of your existing customers

How does it work?

  • Get a free health check of your vehicle information database and customer records.
  • See the percentage of gone-aways, deceased persons, TPS, MPS and FPS.

A detailed report illustrates what changes are required and the potential cost savings you could make.

Correcting Data

  • Update your customer records with the correct address and phone number.
  • Find out the preferred method of contact for each of your customers.
  • See a graphical summary of your data showing the percentage of records that are verified as correct, unchanged or updated by Experian.


Appending Data

  • Add date of birth information to your customer records.
  • Get a Mosaic classification for each customer and identify the most commonly occurring profiles.
  • Send more targeted campaigns and build prospect lists around your existing vehicle customer database.
  • See the number of vehicles in your information database that have been scrapped or changed ownership.
  • Append your data with the date of first registration to anticipate MOT and service dates.

The percentage of vehicles that have been identified as owner changed, scrapped, or as having no change in ownership is shown clearly in an easy-view pie chart.

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