Vehicle Mileage Check

What is Vehicle Mileage Check?

It’s our easy and efficient way to check the mileage history of a vehicle. We know that mileage fraud is a huge issue for the automotive industry, which is why we’ve built a tool to help put the brakes on the problem.

Our Vehicle Mileage Check tool verifies a vehicle’s mileage history against data from numerous sources, so we can protect you and your company against the potential dangers of fraud.

As buying and reselling a vehicle with fraudulent mileage can destroy your reputation and result in prosecution, we have all the tools and data you need to make sure it isn’t you.

What are the benefits?

  • A full investigation from an expert, so you can verify the accuracy of a vehicle’s mileage
  • It’s an online system, so you can save time and money when inputting a vehicle’s details
  • Prove due diligence with full documentary evidence showing you have or are taking reasonable precautions to perform a vehicle mileage check

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