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Vehicle Mileage Check

Mileage fraud is a constant problem in the automotive industry. Buying and reselling a vehicle with fraudulent mileage will not only damage your reputation, but could result in prosecution, heavy fines and ultimately the loss of your Consumer Credit Licence. Vehicle Mileage Check protects your business and your customers against the potential dangers of fraud by verifying mileage against data from a number of sources, providing you with peace of mind and helping you ensure the continuity of a quality service.

What is Vehicle Mileage Check?

Vehicle Mileage Checking is a quick and reliable background check of a vehicle’s mileage to help keep you in line with the Trade Descriptions Act and protect your dealership from odometer fraud, prosecution and heavy fines.

How can Vehicle Mileage Check help you?

  • Avoid inadvertently selling a vehicle with inaccurate mileage information
  • Strengthen your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy dealership
  • Protect your Consumer Credit Licence by showing due diligence should you fall victim to mileage fraud

How does it work?

  • Verify the accuracy of a vehicle’s mileage with a full investigation from an expert.
  • View up to date information based on contact with previous owners and cross-referencing trusted sources such as the DVLA.

Get vital protection against odometer fraud by reliably and accurately investigating the accuracy of vehicle mileage before you sell.

  • Manually input a vehicle’s details into the online submission system to save time and money.
  • Get a full due diligence investigation by entering the vehicle registration mark and mileage.

Choose the level of service that suits your business needs using the friendly, easy to use online submission process.

  • Get a mileage confirmation certificate in print, PDF or via email.
  • View detailed vehicle mileage reports updated for up to 13 months.

Prove due diligence with full documentary evidence showing you have or are taking reasonable precautions to run a vehicle mileage check.

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