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Vehicle Stock Monitor - simple fleet tracking software

Keeping track of a large fleet of vehicles and maintaining accurate records for each can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Vehicle Stock Monitor is a fleet tracking system that allows you to batch check details, keeping the process simple and your database as up to date and accurate as possible.

What is Vehicle Stock Monitoring?

Vehicle Stock Monitoring is simple web-based system that provides full details on large fleets of vehicles using batch processing to save you time and ensure accuracy.

How can Vehicle Stock Monitoring help you?

  • Keep a closer watch over your fleet armed with quick access to key information
  • Verify specific vehicle details according to different tasks
  • Save time with batch processing and avoid the human error aspect of manual data entry

How does it work?

  • Get full details on your entire fleet of up to 5,000 vehicles.
  • Avoid tedious data entry and upload your files in one go.

Streamline your vehicle stock monitoring process by batch processing your entire fleet for information in one convenient online system and summary report.

  • Easily upload your vehicle stock using one simple spreadsheet containing the VRM and VIN numbers to maximise accuracy.
  • See mileage adjusted vehicle valuations by including mileage data when a full check is carried out.

Full vehicle details are returned to you in an easy to view spreadsheet for efficient filing and fleet management.

  • View key vehicle information including VRM and VIN, summary details such as make and model, keeper, colour and plate changes, and environmental data.
  • Get a CAP and Glass valuation, finance information, high risk information, condition records, mileage and previous searches.

Manage large fleets efficiently and accurately with vital vehicle information easily accessible in place.

  • Create fully customisable reports based on your specific job requirements.
  • Choose what data you want returned, including a Gold Check with data insurance.

The flexible fleet monitoring software enables you to add a Gold report or select different options from a fully customisable list.

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