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Vehicle Value Audit - for an accurate vehicle valuation

Accurate valuation of your stock is essential to maintain your profit margins. Under or overpricing can negatively affect your sales and reputation. The process of vehicle valuation is time consuming and may mean that your staff cannot focus as fully on customer service. An effective solution to this problem is Vehicle Value Audit, which provides you with an accurate, user-friendly, industry-standard report on your entire stock that can be used to ensure you always get the best value.

What is Vehicle Value Audit?

A Vehicle Value Audit is a simple report detailing up to date and accurate vehicle valuations of all the used cars and vehicles in your stock, allowing you to streamline a time-consuming process and make necessary price adjustments immediately.

How can Vehicle Value Audit help you?

  • Speed up your stock valuation process and better reallocate your time and resources
  • See the true value of your vehicle stock and adjust advertised sale prices accordingly
  • Get the best price for your vehicles with an accurate and up to date valuation

How does it work?

  • Get an up to date vehicle CAP valuation which is the benchmark guide for the automotive industry.
  • Check your entire stock list in one straightforward report.

Establish the true value of your current used vehicle stock using a faster, more streamlined process that removes the risk of human error.

  • Get quick insight from experts by submitting your stock list via email.
  • View results in a detailed report within 48 hours.

The results report is returned to your chosen dealership in a timely fashion allowing you to react quickly to the possible higher or lower vehicle valuations.

  • View vehicle value alongside the make, model number, spec, mileage, stock value, CAP value and variance.
  • See the amount needed to break even and the current trade value.

Get a quick summary of your stock value and basic vehicle information in an easy to view report.

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