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When you need to know specific vehicle information, we can give you the answer - from history, identity and ownership to valuations and parts; you can find it all in one place.

Managing risk and margin in the automotive market is paramount. We can help you evaluate associated risk when buying, selling and servicing vehicles; with our accurate vehicle look-up, provenance and mileage checks.



  • Vehicle (VRM) Lookup
    Identification and validation of a vehicle from its VRM or VIN, used to confirm and backfill key vehicle information, from specification to CO2 output and industry codes.
  • Autocheck
    Autocheck Reliable vehicle history information, giving you the knowledge you need to make informed buying and selling decisions; using our stand alone and bespoke solutions.
  • Vehicle Mileage Check
    Our dedicated team will carry out a thorough mileage investigation, ensuring you meet legal due diligence obligations and protect your reputation.
  • Asset Event Manager
    Providing sophisticated and customisable reports to identify changes in the status of your vehicle assets, designed in partnership with members of the finance industry, giving instant notification and helping to prevent vehicle fraud.
  • Vehicle Stock Monitor
    A simple and effective web-based batch vehicle checking system, making it easy to get up to date vehicle information for audit purposes and fleet management.

Investigating vehicle ownership directly with the DVLA can be a time consuming process involving written applications and cheque payment for each request. We offer a faster service to give you the information you need *.



  • Experian Keeper Enquiry
    Requiring only a vehicle registration mark, this system can quickly provide you with full ownership details *.
  • *Available to businesses with approved permitted purposes.

Data inaccuracies impact efficiency, compliance breaches and reduced opportunities for use in marketing activities. We can cleanse and enhance any record containing a VRM or VIN.



  • Data Cleansing and Auditing
    Improving the integrity and accuracy of vehicle data by filling in missing specification details, appending date of registration and giving information on particular elements like CO2 output.
  • Vehicle Owner Tracking
    Using DVLA keeper change data, scrapped and export markers we can identify vehicles in your database that are no longer owned by your customers, allowing you to manage mail out costs more effectively.
  • Anonymised Parc
    With licensed vehicle data from the DVLA; we have valuable insight into vehicle population. We measure where vehicles are in use and the transactions of used vehicles taking place, with a range of data fields covering the vehicle and location.

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