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Enhanced Disclosure

What is an Enhanced Disclosure CRB Check?


For positions involving work with children and vulnerable adults, an Enhanced Disclosure CRB Check will be required. This is to ensure that anyone who presents a known risk to vulnerable groups is prevented from working with them.

If your organisation is eligible to request Enhanced Disclosure CRB Checks then the Experian Background Checking service will allow you to do so. Not all positions are eligible for Enhanced Disclosure. Click here to check the CRB eligibility guidance document from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).

Alternatively, call us to discuss your requirements now on: 0844 481 5873.

What’s Included In An Enhanced Disclosure CRB Check?

In addition to the information included in the Standard Disclosure, an Enhanced Disclosure CRB includes –
 Checks of the new Children’s and Vulnerable Adults barred lists
 Additional checks for relevant and proportionate information held by the local police forces

The major difference between a Standard and Enhanced Disclosure is the addition of a check with police forces. The police will check for any additional information that is held on file about an individual that may be relevant to the position being applied for. It is then up to the police to decide what extra information is added to the disclosure.

How Long Will an Enhanced CRB Check Take?

The average turnaround time for an Enhanced CRB is around 10 days. The time is takes varies depending on the time of year as CRB Checks are subject to seasonal peaks.

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