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The pharmaceuticals industry is highly innovative, with intense competition to be the first to market with pioneering medical breakthroughs. With an estimated 20-50%¹ of candidates embellishing their credentials on CVs, Experian’s pharmacy background checks are vital to ensure you are hiring the right candidate with the right qualifications.

The competitiveness of this industry, coupled with the risk of encroachment by activists and campaigners makes pharmacy background checks vital to protect the innovative work being done, as well as public and stakeholder interest. Most importantly, screening can protect your business from fraud (including reducing the risk of insider fraud and intellectual property theft) and reputational damage. Research shows that 27% of applicants give false references², emphasising the need to background check your entire workforce, including: technicians, administrative staff, scientists, managers, and executives.

Relevant Checks

15% of candidates back out of an application when told a check is required³, highlighting how simple it is to deter applicants with an ulterior motive and reduce the risk of classified data being leaked.  Checks can be adapted based on the position you are recruiting for – the more senior the role, the more in-depth checks you may wish to complete.  Candidates can be screened using some of the following checks:

Identity Checks adverse financial check media check
Identity Check Credit Check Media Check
employment check
Professional Membership Employment Checks Education Checks

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The Benefits of Using Experian

  • Speed up the recruitment process by making checks online, with Experian’s fast, simple and secure online application
  • Checks can be tailored dependent on the needs of your business and the role you are recruiting for
  • Benefit from access to one of the UK’s largest and most trusted database of screening information
  • Make the most out of using Candidate Verifier with Experian’s dedicated customer helpline and account management
  • Flexible solution, allowing you to log in at any time to make an application or to check on a report’s status
  • Maintain control of your applicants and monitor their status in real-time

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