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Standard Disclosure

Criminal record seaching

Once a candidate's identity has been verified via Employment Identity Check, Standard Disclosures contain details of all convictions on record — both spent and unspent. If the applicant is applying for a role that involves working with children, this level of check will provide details of whether the applicant appears on government department lists of people that are considered unsuitable to work with children.

When to use Standard Criminal Record Disclosure checks 

The Standard CRB check is available for positions covered by the Exceptions Order 1975 to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA), for example positions within the Security Industry and Financial Services.

Standard Disclosures show:

 All convictions (current and spent)

 Cautions, reprimands and warnings held on the Police National Computer in England and Wales

 Most of the relevant convictions in Scotland and Northern Ireland may also be included.

Not every position is eligible for a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure. To check the eligibility position guide please click here.

    How long will a Standard CRB check take?

    The average turnaround time for Standard Checks is 5 working days
    This may vary with the time of year as our third party provider is subject to seasonal peaks.

    If your organisation is eligible to request Standard Checks, please contact our Sales Team. Click here to contact us or call us on: 0844 481 5873.

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