100 days left this year!

What would you like to achieve by the end of the year?

What would you like to achieve by the end of the year?

Did you know that as of tomorrow (23 Sep) there will be only 100 days left in 2014?  What would you like to have achieved by the end of the year?

An Experian survey* found that September is a time when people are prone to making changes – as if our schooldays have programmed into our DNA that the falling of the leaves indicates a ‘new term’.

In fact, 30% of people who’ve changed jobs in the past three years did it in September, with more people retraining (53%) or taking up a new hobby (22%) in this month than at any time in the year. It’s also the second most common month for starting a relationship, buying a new car, and starting saving money.

In the survey, we asked people about the goals they set at the start of 2014 and whether they’d achieved them. The biggest were a combination of health targets and lifestyle aims. Top was ‘losing weight’, which almost four in ten people said, with ‘getting fitter’ another high-ranking general aim.  The most frequently quoted finance-related goal by a distance was ‘home improvement’, with ‘reducing debts’ and ‘taking a dream holiday’ next in line.

Almost half said that they achieved the goal they set out to do. However, over 8 in ten said they were still working on it, with almost a quarter yet to even start it. The biggest reason for this was financial, with a whopping 41% of respondents saying that money or cost was the main reason why they felt they hadn’t yet achieved the goal they set back in January. The cost of living, lack of savings or ability to set aside money, all contributed to this.

Of course we’d all like to use our finances to achieve what we want in life, but many of us put it off. So now is an ideal time to get started!  By breaking it down in small steps, achieving your goals can be done, but you need to take that first step.

That’s why we’re aiming to help you use the last 100 days of 2014 to fulfil your goals, hopes and dreams for the year – time enough to stay focused, plan it out and get support from those around you. By thinking of an end date in sight, you could help yourself stay motivated.  And your credit report and Experian Credit Score will help give you a good understanding of any money owed, your credit worthiness and can also help you improve it in the coming months,

*Research was carried out online by Research Now on behalf of Experian CreditExpert among a representative panel of 2,000 UK adults, completed on 15 September 2013. 

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