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Making sure the data on your credit report is accurate

Data accuracy is at the heart of what we do

Data accuracy is at the heart of what we do

Your credit report is a personal history of your borrowing behaviour – the credit you’ve had, and the repayments you’ve made. So it’s crucial that you want the data and information it contains to be 100% accurate.

In 2013, Experian provided credit reports to around 2 million people, and answered more than 3.5 million calls and requests for help and support. Any discrepancies in credit reports are looked into immediately– in fact, many of the queries received via our award-winning call centre are sent to the lender within one hour of receiving them, raising disputes for people while they are on the phone.

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An Olympian place to buy a home

Starter's orders - for a starter home

Starter’s orders – for a starter home

What are your memories of London 2012? For many of the athletes who weren’t good enough or lucky enough to win medals, it could be the time they spent living shoulder-to-shoulder with their fellow competitors in the Olympic village close to the stadium in Stratford. Yet some new homebuyers can now walk up the same steps, use the same bathrooms and look out over the same balconies as 2012’s heroes.

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How linked are your finances?

Love is in the air..

Does linking hearts also link up credit ratings?

Love is… a many splendoured thing. It’s in the air; it’s like oxygen, it’s even a wonderful colour. But when you choose to formalise your union, how can it affect your credit status?

Well, getting married in itself doesn’t change anything. If you didn’t share a mortgage, a bank account or have any other shared financial arrangements beforehand, then the mere act of saying “I do” at the altar is not going to have any impact. However, certain things are worth bearing in mind.  Continue reading

Stay safe online on Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 2014 - 11 FebruaryToday (11 Feb) marks the eleventh annual Safer Internet Day (#SID2014), a day dedicated to finding out how we can help make the internet a safer place.

Safer Internet Day’s target is to promote the safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world – the campaign slogan is “Let’s create a better internet together”.

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