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Make 2015 a financial success – with Mrs Moneypenny

moneypenny-300x200Mrs Moneypenny (Channel 4’s Superscrimpers) is writing a series of blog posts for us, all about making better financial decisions in 2015. @mrsmoneypennyft 

2015 is the year that you could really sort out your finances, and here’s how.
First things first: buy a notebook and record, accurately, how much you spend. Set out a page for every area of your life (mortgage/rent, utilities, mobile phone, and council tax, car insurance and so on). Everyone should aim to spend an hour a week on their own finances. Sounds a lot? Contrast that with how much time you spend worrying about them, and it will seem a small sacrifice. Continue reading

Ask #Moneypenny – this Friday



In partnership with Mrs Moneypenny (Channel 4’s Superscrimpers) , we’re on a mission to help people make better financial decisions in 2015.

Between 1 and 2pm on Friday 27th February, Mrs Moneypenny will be taking over our Twitter account, Experian Experts, to answer your questions about how you can make 2015 a financial success. So if you’ve got anything you’d like to ask her, tweet us @ExperianExperts between those times with your questions, using the hashtag #moneypenny.

And that’s not all – the four most interesting questions put to Mrs Moneypenny in that hour will each win £50 of vouchers, as well as a copy of her book Mrs Moneypenny’s Financial Advice for Independent Women.  You can find the full terms and conditions for the competition here.

Mrs Moneypenny will also be contributing guest blog posts on these very pages, and some videos to accompany them. And look out for more Twitter Q and As with Mrs Moneypenny at the end of both April and May.

So that’s Friday 27th Feb, between 1 and 2pm, @ExperianExperts on Twitter. Hope to see you there! #moneypenny

Quiz: How well do you really know your partner?

Valentine’s day may be long gone, but the quest for love and harmony goes on all year!  

We decided to look at how well people know their partner’s attitude to finances – money and relationships. It only takes a minute to do this fun, interactive quiz to find out!

Your Experian Credit Score is a guide that will help you understand how your credit history is likely to be viewed by lenders. It can also help you both understand if one partner’s credit report needs a little work before any joint credit applications, such as a joint mortgage, are made.


Safer Internet Day 2015

SID2015-300Today (10 Feb) marks the twelfth annual Safer Internet Day (#SID2015), a day dedicated to finding out how we can help make the internet a safer place.

Safer Internet Day’s target is to promote the safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world – the campaign slogan is “Let’s create a better internet together”.  Continue reading

What is financial association? Watch our new video

To begin the second series of Credit Café videos, on the topic of Money and Relationships, our Experian Experts James Jones and Jill O’Connor explain what financial association means, and the impact it can have on your credit report.

You can see all the Credit Café videos so far here on our YouTube playlist.

5 good reasons to register to vote on the electoral roll

Being able to vote could potentially help you get credit

Being able to vote could potentially help you get credit

With the general election just months away, the leading names are jostling for position as they covet our votes.

But many of us won’t even be able to vote in it, unless we get on the electoral roll – and not doing so could also affect your credit rating.

Today (5th February) is National Voter Registration Day, a day that marks the anniversary of the Great Reform Act in 1832 which first introduced voter registration. The aim for this day is to get 250,000 more young people on to the electoral register, as young people are very much under-represented at present.
Continue reading