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Best Thrifty Blog finalist: Baby Budgeting – My dream

Becky Mads 2013-250Becky Goddard-Hill is a parenting author and blogger, whose main focus is writing about how to have a creative and happy family life on a budget. She writes the popular thrifty parenting blogs Baby Budgeting, Family Budgeting and she writes about interiors at Thrifty Home.

Becky has been blogging since 2008, and lives in Nottingham with her husband Jonny and 2 children Frankie (11) and Annalise (8). She says blogging gives her a great work/life balance.

Baby-Budgeting-logo-300Baby Budgeting is one of the finalists in the Best Thrifty Blog category at the 2015 MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards, to be held in September.

Experian is delighted to sponsor the Best Thrifty Blog award, which recognises the mum and dad bloggers helping people make savvy financial decisions every day.

We asked Becky to tell us what her greatest ambition would be, if there were no restrictions, and how she’d make it a reality.  Here Becky shares her dream with us of making a difference to the world.

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I’ve registered to vote – how long to update credit report?

By Neil Stone, Experian UK social support team

Thinking of applying for credit in the near future?  Then now is the time to make sure you are registered on the Electoral Roll!

Lenders will often use the electoral roll information on your credit report to help confirm your ID when you apply for credit. If you are not registered they may ask for further documents or even turn down an application completely.

Check credit report

So how long will it take after you have registered?
It will actually depend on the time of year.  From December to August local authorities publish a monthly register, known as a rolling register.

We get the rolling registers each month and update the information on reports as quickly as we can. Continue reading

Leaving the bank of mum and dad: the challenges

Young people are often keen to break away and get financially independent, but in doing so there are many financial responsibilities & challenges they might have to deal with.

With student loans and overdrafts taking years to pay off, just how long can young people realistically keep milking the Bank of Mum and Dad?

Signs that you might be ready for financial independence
Sometimes it’s just about being able to rein yourself in when you really, really want to splash out on something you don’t need and can’t really afford, like a luxury item you know you can do without, or a pretty framed picture you’ll have forgotten about minutes after you’ve left the shop. Continue reading

How to keep your ID safe when you’re on holiday

Do you try and protect yourself from the sun when you’re away?  Similar steps can help protect you and your family from identity theft.

Check out our video with guest Michelle Highman , Chief Executive of The Money Charity

It’s best not to carry things with you that you don’t need, as handbags and wallets often contain lots of items containing information that can identify you personally that you just won’t need on holidays.  Fraudsters just love these! Some examples are bills, receipts, out-of-date driving licences and medical prescriptions.  Continue reading

How could the Summer Budget affect you?

How will the Budget impact you?

How will the Budget impact you?

Now that the Chancellor has announced his first Budget since May’s General Election, a few things have become clear. And many of us are likely to be affected in different ways, from income tax to benefits, from housing to savings.

Some of the headlines from Summer Budget 2015 were:

Inheritance Tax
From 2017, couples can expect to see their inheritance tax threshold increase to £1 million, from the previous £650,000.  It comes as part of a new ‘family home allowance’ of £175,000 added to the present £325,000 tax-free allowance, which means that if you die and leave assets worth up to £500,000, your estate won’t be charged any inheritance tax. Continue reading

Should England’s Lionesses be rewarded more?

football-goall-250The success of the England women’s football team in reaching the World Cup semi-finals for the first time has taken a lot of people by surprise.

Less surprisingly, there’s been a lot of talk lately about how little they earn compared to even the most journeyman Premier League player – let alone the six-figure weekly take home pay of many international stars.

American stars
Firstly, some of the stars of this World Cup *are* very well paid – however they aren’t likely to be the England team members.  Continue reading