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Experian Credit Score top tip #4 of 5: Register to vote at your current address

tip 4 - 600x300Everyone has an Experian Credit Score. Looking after it, nurturing, growing and improving it can help you get a better rate on loans, credit card or mortgages.

Lenders use the electoral register to help confirm who you are and where you live.  This info usually has to be up to date before they are willing to offer a mortgage, a loan or any other form of financial account.

Watch video: How registering to vote can boost your credit rating

Being on the Electoral Roll makes it easier for banks and financial institutions to confirm your identity and not being registered will reduce your Experian Credit Score.

Not being registered could cause a delay when you apply for credit, while the lenders confirm your details some other way. With some lenders it may even hurt the credit score they give you, and some applications may even be turned down. Continue reading