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Grand National: what the UK spends and how it compares

horse-race-girl-300Many of us will be having a flutter on the Grand National this weekend. For most of us it’s a harmless bit of fun but we’re actually spending more than ever.

Betting turnover on UK horse racing’s most famous event is expected to exceed £150m for the first time this year, with a spokesperson from one major firm predicting that one in four UK adults will bet on the race, judging by their overall figures.

But how does £150m compare with our regular expenditure and national trends? Using the latest monthly figures from The Money Charity, we worked out that £150m could roughly mean the following:

  • The average UK deposit for mortgage is now £37,441 =  4006 UK mortgage deposits.

  • Parents now spend a record £231,843 on raising a child to their 21st birthday =  647 children could be raised to the age of 21.

  • It costs £51.12 to fill a 50 litre unleaded tank = 2.9m unleaded cars filled.

  • The average total debt per household – including mortgages – was £54,261 in February = 2764 people’s household debt including mortgage could be cleared.

  • Total credit card debt in February 2016 was £63.82bn. Per household this is £2,364 = 63,451 households’ credit card debt could be paid off 

Food for thought maybe as we join the work sweepstake this weekend!

Getting on the property ladder: how it has changed

Getting on the property ladder has changed over the last five decades, and it’s not nearly as easy to get a mortgage as it used to be.

The way we use money has changed a lot over the years. Watch the video to see how money has changed through the generations with three families we spoke with.

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Ask James: latest credit questions answered here

Every month Experian’s James Jones answers a selection of your questions about credit and fraud in his ‘ask the experts’ style column here.

Among the new questions, there is Should a default still be showing on my credit report?, about an old default that was due to disappear.

There is also a query about car finance and credit scoring,  Will voluntary termination of car finance affect my credit score?, and another relating to a debt relief order, Why is my debt relief order still affecting my credit rating?.

You can also find archived Ask James questions arranged under subject headings such as ‘applying for credit’, ‘credit and debt’ and ‘fraud’ at the main Ask James page.

If you have a specific question and can’t find an answer here or you wish to contact us to query something on your credit report, please use our customer service contact form.

Watch James talk to Experian Experts blogger Darren about retirement and your credit report.