Get credit-set for a summer of football

Brazil World Cup 2014

A summer of football, sunshine…and not much work done?

There are fewer than 100 days now until 12 June, which sees the opening match of this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Excited? I certainly am. I’ve been to a major tournament myself, and can vouch for how amazing it feels to be part of the action.  And it’s not too late to think about travelling out to Brazil to take part in the festivities.

Sadly, the days when we assumed most tournaments would mean a short trip to western Europe to see it are over for the foreseeable future – it’s a global game now. Brazil of course is a long way away, and is a huge country. This one has teams (and supporters) travelling thousands of miles between games, making it potentially more expensive than ever.

Try to be as flexible as possible with the dates you travel (eg: flights directly before and after the group stages are over are bound to be the most popular) and don’t leave it too late to book, as flight and hotel prices are only going to go up.

Most visitors will be flying directly into Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, so it’s likely that hotel prices in those cities will be the most expensive and artificially inflated, with most of the media & officials based there. Regional host cities may well be a better bet – there is a massive network of domestic flights, it being such a big country, and there is the distinct likelihood of trade visitors to Brazil being down given the tournament’s dominance during this period.

England play Italy in the Amazon city of Manaus on 14 June, then Uruguay on 19 June in Sao Paolo, before facing Costa Rica in Belo Horizonte on 24 June. For what it’s worth, the first knockout round could see England in the hot, north-east city of Recife on 29 June but only a rampant optimist would expect that…

If you need credit for your trip, apply carefully. Check your credit rating before you apply for new credit, as this can give you the best chance of knowing whether or not you’d get accepted.  Make sure everything is accurate and up to date, and query anything that isn’t.

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