Anyone can be a victim of fraud

Who or what is a typical victim of fraud? There’s no one answer. Check out some of Experian’s findings into the demographics of ID Fraud.


CreditExpert members can get unlimited views of their Experian Credit Report, which shows credit activity in your name so you can spot potentially fraudulent activity.

Always tell the police, your bank, credit card issuers and anybody else who might be affected if you suffer a theft. That way, your loss is on the record and organisations that might be approached by the thieves will be forewarned. If you think you have become a victim of identity fraud, notify the police, contact your bank and check your credit report.

Experian’s Victims of Fraud service is also available to CreditExpert members, and has a dedicated team to give expert advice and support tailored to particular circumstances.

Sources for statistics: (p19, figs 6.1-6.3)

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