Ask James: latest credit questions answered here

Every month Experian’s James Jones answers a selection of your questions about credit and fraud in his ‘ask the experts’ style column here.

Among the new questions, there is Should a default still be showing on my credit report?, about an old default that was due to disappear.

There is also a query about car finance and credit scoring,  Will voluntary termination of car finance affect my credit score?, and another relating to a debt relief order, Why is my debt relief order still affecting my credit rating?.

You can also find archived Ask James questions arranged under subject headings such as ‘applying for credit’, ‘credit and debt’ and ‘fraud’ at the main Ask James page.

If you have a specific question and can’t find an answer here or you wish to contact us to query something on your credit report, please use our customer service contact form.

Watch James talk to Experian Experts blogger Darren about retirement and your credit report.

6 thoughts on “Ask James: latest credit questions answered here

    1. CreditExpert Neil

      Hi Tayo, if you membership has been cancelled, then you should not be charged.
      If you contact us with your details we will be able to get this checked for you.
      Kind regards
      CreditExpert Neil

  1. viveen smith-forsythe

    I apply for a credit card from santander in march 2017 and was decline, I was told because of the information receive from experian they are not able to offer me a credit card. I have a credit report from experian sent out to me I rang and talk to one of c/s agent about my report and could see why i was decline .
    the bank insist its because of the report they receive from experian, I took a copy of the report to my branch they could why i was decline. So could you please look into this for me because it is affecting me
    Thank you.

    1. CreditExpert Neil

      Hi Viveen, when you apply for credit the lender will use the information on your credit report along with the information on your application form to make their decision. It is always up to the lender as to whether they will accept or not and different lenders will be looking for different things.
      If you already have a number of existing commitments then lenders could be concerned that you could become overcommitted. You can find out more about why a lender may decline here.
      If you would like us to take a look at your report please contact us with your details and we can do this for you. Kind regards Neil.

  2. Josefa Tavarez

    I would like to know how badly my credit will be affected if I close a credit card which I insisted with the company I did not want, but they persisted I take it because of my good credit. This card I have to pay for, it to me is costly. I do not use it much, I like to close it. However, I do not want my credit hurt in any way, shape or form. How can I go about it? thank you. I will appreciate you suggestion and reply. Once again, thank you for your reply.

    Best regards.

    J. Tavarez

    1. CreditExpert Neil

      Hi Josefa. As your Experian Credit Score is calculated from all of the information on your credit report we can’t say how much of an impact closing one account would have. It will depend on what other information you have on your credit report as to whether you Experian Credit Score will be reduced. The score takes into account the number and age of your active accounts, as well as the amount of available credit that you have and the percentage of credit that you are using, so closing an account could lead to a change in score.
      The Experian score is only a guide though, and if you are not intending in applying for further credit soon then you would be able to build your score in the future after any changes. Our Ask James page covers this question in more detail here.
      kind regards Neil.


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