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James Jones is Experian's Head of Consumer Affairs and offers expert advice on credit and identity fraud.

How do I know your website is genuine and secure?

Dear James,

Online registration asks for many personal details and debit card details before registration is confirmed by email. How is this secure? How do I know that a fraudster hasn’t set up a spoof Experian website to capture this personal data?

Bruce, Woking

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Where can I see your debt maps featured on BBC?

Dear James,

I watched the BBC Breakfast News this morning and a man from Experian was on there, discussing an interesting report that Experian created about UK debt by region. There was also a map of the UK shaded to indicate the regions that had debt and he also mentioned age groups within those regions. I have searched the web and BBC as I would like a copy of the report, is it possible to come back to me as to whether the report is available or where I can find. .

Thank you, Emilie, Hythe

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Can you help me recover my credit rating after illness?

Dear James,

I recently defaulted on a number of monthly payments due to being hospitalised as an emergency. I had to have triple heart bypass surgery, which has kept me from sorting my finances over the past few months. After paying off all default payments I was relying on one of my credit cards to pay off an upcoming bill. Today I received a text advising me that my credit had been reduced on this card. Trying to reinstate the credit, I was informed that my report showed the defaults and credit couldn’t be reinstated. With defaults now addressed and considering the position I was in, can Experian update and reflect my position, as it is needed quite urgently and would be greatly appreciated right now.

Yours sincerely, Liam, Liverpool

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Why did I fail energy company’s credit check?

Hi James,

I have recently moved into a property with pre-payment meters. I wanted to change over to credit meters like my old flat. However, after a credit check they have informed me I cannot change over as I failed my credit check. I am really confused as I don’t owe any money, never have, and even took out my first credit card last year to help build my credit history up as before this I never had anything on credit. My credit card is paid in full every month.

Could you advise me on this as my gas company has referred me to this site?

Kind regards, Debbie, Kilmarnock

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