Best Thrifty Blog finalist: Baby Budgeting – My dream

Becky Mads 2013-250Becky Goddard-Hill is a parenting author and blogger, whose main focus is writing about how to have a creative and happy family life on a budget. She writes the popular thrifty parenting blogs Baby Budgeting, Family Budgeting and she writes about interiors at Thrifty Home.

Becky has been blogging since 2008, and lives in Nottingham with her husband Jonny and 2 children Frankie (11) and Annalise (8). She says blogging gives her a great work/life balance.

Baby-Budgeting-logo-300Baby Budgeting is one of the finalists in the Best Thrifty Blog category at the 2015 MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards, to be held in September.

Experian is delighted to sponsor the Best Thrifty Blog award, which recognises the mum and dad bloggers helping people make savvy financial decisions every day.

We asked Becky to tell us what her greatest ambition would be, if there were no restrictions, and how she’d make it a reality.  Here Becky shares her dream with us of making a difference to the world.


I have a dream to one day publish a series of poetry and books to help children; to help them feel strong and brave, to encourage them be resilient, manage their friendships and express their feelings.  I want to make a difference to the world and to help children with their emotional wellbeing. I think this would be the perfect way for me to do this.

This dream would combine my love of writing, my understanding of child development and my therapeutic skills (I am a qualified psychotherapist and children’s social worker.)

I adore storytelling and have always made up stories for my children, and I think it is such a powerful and pleasing way to convey messages to children.

I have made a start on my path to my dream. This is where I am at ….

I have published a book before, a non-fiction book How to Afford Time off with your Baby (Vermilion 2009) so I do have an agent and some understanding of the literary process.

My first narrative poem The Ballad of Grey May is about thinking positively, and I am rather proud of it. I have had it read by several people to their children, and one fabulous mother used it in her ‘Embrace Happy’ workshops with her daughter’s school and then they did a play about it for the whole school.

Isn’t that amazing! I carved out small sections of time to work on it at weekends and in the evenings.

I now need to get it out there and try and get it published. I know I have to embrace qualities of resilience and courage in order to keep pushing for publication. I know I have to devote time to this and believe wholeheartedly in what I am doing.

But it is my dream; I think it is a wonderful dream. I need to pursue it.

Wish me luck! It is time to make this dream a reality.

5 thoughts on “Best Thrifty Blog finalist: Baby Budgeting – My dream

  1. Jody

    Becky – I am a big fan of your babybudgeting site and its great to hear more about the real you.. Time always seems to be the killer with these things, but still keep hold of the dream as believe me – the kids get older and want less to do with you, well except wanting a free taxi and more money to buy the latest craze! 🙂


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