Financial fitness fans: Join our 30-day #FinancialPlank

Financial Plank 1

Getting financially fit needn’t feel like hard work – in fact, some simple pain-free changes to your everyday spending habits can help set you on the road to getting your finances in shape. 

Recently we’ve been talking about how our financial lives have changed throughout the generations. We’re now focusing on money – how we spend it and how we save it – and small things we could do to get great benefits now and in the future.

So why not join us on our 30-day ‘Financial Plank’! Check out our daily money-saving tips on Twitter at @ExperianExperts, and find out how much you could save as you get your finances in shape.

And we’d love to hear some of your own great money-saving tips too – just tweet @ExperianExperts using #FinancialPlank & we’ll re-tweet the ones we like best!

2 thoughts on “Financial fitness fans: Join our 30-day #FinancialPlank

  1. Janet Brockbank

    I am trying to get financially fitter and I am doing lots better and keeping to my budget but my credit file will not be perfect till April 2018…….so that is also my goal


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