Garden Cities set to make a comeback

Garden cities coming backIn 1898 Sir Ebenezer Howard published his book “Garden Cities Of Tomorrow”, which set out his (at the time outlandish) ideas that new cities should be planned, self-contained communities surrounded by what would soon become known as green belts.

And almost 100 years after the last garden city was established, plans set to be revealed in Wednesday’s budget have included the launch of a brand new one in Ebbsfleet, in Kent.

Chancellor George Osborne has promised to extend the equity loan element of Help To Buy, which covers new-build homes, for another four years until 2020. While doing that, he also announced the building of 15,000 new homes in the ‘new town’ of Ebbsfleet, currently known mainly for its railway station that sits on the high speed link to the Channel Tunnel.

Garden cities were intended to be new towns where homes, workplaces and facilities would be developed from scratch to sit in proportion. Only two true garden cities were built – Letchworth (built 1902), and Welwyn Garden City (1920) – where the main shopping area , the Howard Centre, stands as a memory to the man behind the idea of garden cities.

Others were later built as ‘new towns’, mainly as overspill from larger cities. The last batch, built between 1967 and 1970, included Telford and Milton Keynes.

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