How do I get a report to include my previous addresses?

Dear James,

I ordered and received a credit report from Experian in October which relates to my credit history whilst living at my current address. I would like a credit report for the period I lived at my two previous addresses. How do I request these?

Many thanks, Paula, Manchester

Dear Paula,

Credit reference agencies usually hold financial information for six years. As a result, when you apply for a copy of your credit report, to make sure you see all the information a lender could see about you it’s important you give us your full six years’ address history. We try to make this clear on our website and when people order a report, but we are currently reviewing this to see if we can make it clearer. From what you say it sounds like you gave us just your current address, so your report may not be comprehensive. If you obtained a statutory report please use our online query form to tell us about any additional addresses you’ve lived at and we’ll send you a new report covering all of your addresses. If you used our CreditExpert service and you’re still a member you can simply log in to CreditExpert, update your member profile, then log in again the following day to see your full report.

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