Jangle wins ‘Best Family App’ at #LBPawards2016

Jangle - LBP awards 2016We’re thrilled to announce that Jangle, Experian’s free children’s app, has won a Platinum award for ‘Best Family App’ at the 2016 LovedByParents (LBP) awards.

It also won a silver award for ‘Best Children’s App’ too.

LovedByParents is a parenting website offering news, pregnancy and parenting advice, articles, reviews and competitions, and their annual awards comprise several categories from travel accessories to feeding products.

What is Jangle?
Recognising the importance of helping children learn essential money management skills early in life, Experian and consumer champion and BBC ‘Dragon’ Sarah Willingham have partnered to develop Jangle, a free app which has been quality marked by pfeg (part of Young Enterprise).

Jangle is a great new and free app for children aged 7-11, that teaches children money skills in a fun and easy way while helping them save for the things they want.

It’s easy to use, and contains a wide range of exciting activities that you and your children can choose to do in order for them to learn about money, save money, and have a lot of fun in the process  – from baking cakes to planning journeys, from planning a party to hunting for bargains.

You can find out more about Jangle here, and you can download the Jangle app for iPad here.

2 thoughts on “Jangle wins ‘Best Family App’ at #LBPawards2016

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    1. CreditExpert Neil

      Hi Sophie, it sounds like they offered a partial settlement on the account, so a default with a partial settlement flag would be recorded on your credit report.
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