How to keep your ID safe when you’re on holiday

Do you try and protect yourself from the sun when you’re away?  Similar steps can help protect you and your family from identity theft.

Check out our video with guest Michelle Highman , Chief Executive of The Money Charity

It’s best not to carry things with you that you don’t need, as handbags and wallets often contain lots of items containing information that can identify you personally that you just won’t need on holidays.  Fraudsters just love these! Some examples are bills, receipts, out-of-date driving licences and medical prescriptions. 

Be aware of your surroundings

It’s so easy to let your guard down when you’re away and having a relaxing time, but try to make sure no-one’s looking over your shoulder when you make a card or mobile payment.

Be careful around unsecured wi-fi or public networks

If you’re logging to social media or other password-protected networks, log out after you’re done. And it might be best to avoid crucial services like online banking unless you really have to.
Make sure you are using the built-in security tools and settings on your mobile phone, and if possible, install the latest anti-virus and firewall software.

Don’t flash your mobile devices around for all to see- relax, but be sensible! But be careful what information you have stored on your phone – including emails that can be accessed without a password.

What should I do if I feel my ID has been compromised?

Should your wallet be stolen, cancel your cards immediately. Should you be suspicious that your ID has been compromised, check your Experian Credit Report to see whether there has been any suspicious or irregular activity.

4 thoughts on “How to keep your ID safe when you’re on holiday

  1. priya @ Travel Bharat

    thanks for this idea and i think This is one of the most simple and effective things you can do as a tourist to stay out of harm’s way. We love Hawaiian shirts, shorts and flip-flops but if you’re in Europe, you might as well have a sign above your head reading “easy target”. Tourists are usually targeted by local criminals, scam artists and pickpockets because they lack knowledge of the area and frequently carry high value items such as cameras, laptops and cash.


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