No tickets? It’s not too late but be careful if you go online

Photo: Neal Whitehouse Piper on flickr

Photo: Neal Whitehouse Piper on flickr

This week saw the last few tickets to Glastonbury 2015 go in an instant. And with many of the big summer festivals being long since sold out, being part of the big outdoor musical celebrations might seem a bit of a challenge.

Splashing out for the initial ticket price on release day can of course be tough, especially when there’s also the cost of travel, camping, food and drink to factor in come the event itself.

So how could you enjoy the revelry, the music and the sunshine, and stop worrying about the daily grind, even if you haven’t managed to buy a ticket?

Become a volunteer steward – You get to check tickets, provide information, keep festival-goers safe – and see some of the biggest names on the circuit. Oxfam recruits stewards for some festivals and gives its volunteers their own campsite, with hot showers and three meal tickets a day, although you naturally have to commit to lengthy shifts . Or you could try contacting festival organisers directly.

Be with the band – Liking an act on Facebook, following them on Twitter or even belonging to an old-school fan club could give you discounted ticket options, offers and other goodies as the events get closer.

Go last minute – You could try online ticket marketplaces for late returns at bargain prices – but beware of fakes – ticket fraud cost the public at least £3.35 million in 2014,  and GetSafeOnline say that one in ten people in the UK have been victims of a ticketing scam online. Stick with reputable and official sites and look for guarantees that you’ll get a refund or replacement if the ones you buy aren’t genuine. It’s also worth buying tickets via a cash-back website if you can.

If you have managed to get a late online ticket, then it’s worth buying with caution. When demand is high, criminals often step in – and they won’t be satisfied at stealing the cost of your tickets if they can also get enough of your personal details to steal your identity too. Don’t click on links in unsolicited e-mails and make sure the payment page is secure and has a padlock symbol in the browser.

With Experian CreditExpert membership you can get unlimited views of your Experian credit report, which shows credit activity in your name so you can spot potentially fraudulent activity.

Its web monitoring tool will monitor the internet for mentions of your personal information 24/7, sending you an instant notification if your information is found somewhere new online. This helps ensure you can take immediate steps to resolve any potential fraudulent activity before you are negatively affected.

Photo credit above: Neal Whitehouse Piper on flickr 

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