I keep getting mail for someone who doesn’t live at my address

By Neil Stone, Social Media Executive

man receives bad news in the post.Post in other people’s names
It’s great to come home and find letters waiting for you on your doorstep but when the letters turn out to be for a previous resident or even someone that has never lived at your address it can be frustrating. If it’s a demand for payment it can also be understandably worrying.

The good news is that as long as you have no financial connection to the individual (such as joint account) then their information will not affect your credit report in anyway.

This is because all credit checks are done by name, and not address, so lenders won’t see or use information relating to the other person when checking your report.

The best thing to do is to return the letter unopened to the sender clearly marked as “not at this address”. The lender should then look for their customer elsewhere.

Sadly we can’t prevent a person from using an address to apply for credit, or stop lenders from contacting their customers at an address, but by regularly returning the post the lender will stop trying to contact them.

I’m getting post for a person who never lived here and the company tell me Experian provided the address.
We do have a service to help companies locate customers that they have lost touch with. So a company may advise you that we have provided your address for their customer.

This service is called Autotrace, we will suggest possible addresses that their customer may be located at. It may be that they are financially linked to someone who has lived there previously, or have had accounts registered at the address in the past.

If the customer has no link to the address then returning the post should ensure that the company stops trying to contact their customer at your address.

The person has the same name as me, but is not me
In rare instances a company may try and contact a customer that shares the same name as you.

The company may have used Experian’s Autotrace service and been provided your address as a potential match. It is then the company’s responsibility to ensure that they have the correct details before trying to contact them.

If you have been contacted about a debt for someone with the same name as yourself then we would be able to investigate how this has happened and break any links to your address for the other person if they have been incorrectly recorded.

Our contact details are available here should you need them.

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