I keep getting mail for someone who doesn’t live at my address

By Neil Stone, Social Media Executive

man receives bad news in the post.Post in other people’s names
It’s great to come home and find letters waiting for you on your doorstep but when the letters turn out to be for a previous resident or even someone that has never lived at your address it can be frustrating. If it’s a demand for payment it can also be understandably worrying.

The good news is that as long as you have no financial connection to the individual (such as joint account) then their information will not affect your credit report in anyway.

This is because all credit checks are done by name, and not address, so lenders won’t see or use information relating to the other person when checking your report.

The best thing to do is to return the letter unopened to the sender clearly marked as “not at this address”. The lender should then look for their customer elsewhere.

Sadly we can’t prevent a person from using an address to apply for credit, or stop lenders from contacting their customers at an address, but by regularly returning the post the lender will stop trying to contact them.

I’m getting post for a person who never lived here and the company tell me Experian provided the address.
We do have a service to help companies locate customers that they have lost touch with. So a company may advise you that we have provided your address for their customer.

This service is called Autotrace, we will suggest possible addresses that their customer may be located at. It may be that they are financially linked to someone who has lived there previously, or have had accounts registered at the address in the past.

If the customer has no link to the address then returning the post should ensure that the company stops trying to contact their customer at your address.

The person has the same name as me, but is not me
In rare instances a company may try and contact a customer that shares the same name as you.

The company may have used Experian’s Autotrace service and been provided your address as a potential match. It is then the company’s responsibility to ensure that they have the correct details before trying to contact them.

If you have been contacted about a debt for someone with the same name as yourself then we would be able to investigate how this has happened and break any links to your address for the other person if they have been incorrectly recorded.

Our contact details are available here should you need them.

18 thoughts on “I keep getting mail for someone who doesn’t live at my address

  1. Dave Delve

    i have had two letters for different foreign sounding named people from the HMCR to my address. first was a tax code I sent back not know at this address and days later i get the second from HMCR for another name but this is a tax refund. I will send that back also. but how do i check who could be using my address. i have had a Experian name check on myself and it is all clear. It does not show my wife who lives with me how do i do an address check please.

    1. CreditExpert Stuart

      Hi Dave,

      I understand how having letters for other people to your address might be concerning and that this might affect your Experian Credit Score at this time.

      In terms of mail that’s addressed to other people, the best thing to do is to mark it clearly as “Not Known At This Address” and send the letter back to the lender.

      As for checking your address for other people, this isn’t possible at this time as the Experian Credit Report would only relate to your information and not other people marked at your address.

      The good news to this is that other people’s information therefore wouldn’t affect your chances to obtain credit. Hope this helps you out.

      Kind regards,

  2. G Lewis

    My first cousin who does not visit or phone to talk to my parents directly has without permission used my parents address to receive letter from DWP from since November 2016. I asked her to have the letters sent to her current address. She has not change it. I wrote letters to the local Job Center and the HMP Revenue address which is on the back of the letters to send any future letters to the address she is still living at which is 14th September 2017. She has asked my Sister who lives in rented accomadation to contact my parents to ask why they have not given her a letter from the DVLA containing her driving licence. What advice can you offer my parents?

    1. CreditExpert Neil

      Hi, it can certainly be frustrating to receive post for someone who doesn’t live at your address. Your parents don’t need to worry about your cousin’s information affecting their credit reports though. Credit searches are done by name and not just address so your cousin’s information won’t appear on your parent’s credit reports.
      If you parent’s return any post for you cousin back to the sender clearly marked as not at this address then the companies will stop trying to reach her at your parents address. Kind regards Neil.

  3. A Carpenter

    Someone is using my address to commit fraud. They even managed to redirect the mail in their name to another address. I have put a stop to this. Is it illegal for me to open these letters? I feel I need to because I need to put a stop to each account this person has opened using my address. They have never been known at this address ever. So far they gave taken out bank accounts and credit cards. If I hadn’t of opened the letters, and put a stop to these, they would still be getting away with it. People are telling me I’m breaking the law by opening these. The police aren’t interested. So I feel it’s down to me to open these letters and contact each company to alert them to fraud. But am I breaking the law by doing so? Because so far, it appears that this fraudster has more legal rights to confidentiality that I the victim has.

    1. CreditExpert Neil

      Hi, while it is illegal to open another person’s post you don’t need to open it to ensure that it is stopped. If you write across the envelope “not known at this address” and return the post to the sender then they will stop trying to contact their customer at your address and look for them elsewhere.
      The good news is any information in their name at your address would not appear on your credit report or affect it anyway.
      Kind regards Neil.

  4. Davina

    What about if the return addresses on the backs of envelopes are fake? Spoken to the DVLA and they confirmed that the envelope a vc5 came in was in fact nothing to do with them. So be careful when returning post back

  5. Jules

    Hi there we have been getting mail
    For nearly 3 years and have done return to sender thing repeatedly. We recently got a letter from financial company addressed to current occupier which we opened asking us to call them so they can update records. Should we give them our name? I have concerns re data protection issues surely they can check through another medium to prove we live heee not person they are chasing? Appreciate advice.

    1. CreditExpert Neil

      Hi Jules, I would certainly expect lenders to be looking for their customer elsewhere if you have been returning post for that long to them! I can certainly see why you would be concerned about giving out your name and you would not be under any obligation to do so. You may want to contact the company using any contact details on their website rather than in the letter provided to make sure that it is them that you are speaking to as well.
      The company would not be able to check your details at your address without your consent. Kind regards Neil.

  6. Suzanne McDermott

    I have received 2 citations for someone who has never lived at my address, what do I do here, I marked not at this address first time but now another one has arrived.

    1. CreditExpert Neil

      Hi Suzanne, sadly we can’t prevent these being sent to your address, but they won’t impact your credit report at all. If you return this one clearly marked as “not at this address” the sender should update their records. Kind regards Neil.

      1. Mark Meyts

        I keep getting letters sent to my brother at my address. I have informed the bank sending them, that he never lived at my address and has no right to use the address, but they are ignoring me and keep sending them. I filed a complaint but it is ignored. He is a criminal and is sleeping rough in a garage, and is using my address to evade paying council tax. Where can I report this ? I cannot believe that the bank is ignoring this – they are legally bound by anti-moneylaundering legistlation to check identity, on the basis of a utility bill, but they have not done so and they are ignoring my proof (with documents) that he doesn’t live at the address.

        1. CreditExpert Neil

          Hi Mark, I appreciate that this must be a difficult situation to find yourself in. You may find it useful to speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau who would be able to provide advice on what your options are in these circumstances. Kind regards Neil

  7. Mick Pearson

    I rented out my flat for about 8 years.

    I have been receiving and marking post as RTS for almost two years now, and keeping a record, so I would know if I had returned it, and to which company.
    I would say that a few have bothered updating their records, but sadly a significant number have not bothered.

    Is there a point at which I can call this harrassment?

    I’ve seen on other websites that people say just put RTS on and everything will be OK eventually, but, I’m tired of doing this now.
    I’ve done searches for who the companies are, e.g. Student loans, debt mgt co.’s, even the local council.

    Are you only able to offer advice if it directly relates to a question about a creit rating?
    Thanks in advance

    1. CreditExpert Neil

      Hi Mick, sorry to hear that companies are not updating their records. Sadly we are not able to prevent a lender from trying to contact their customer at an address.
      You may want to speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau who should be able to provide you with further advice on what you can so in this situation. Kind regards Neil.

  8. L Stitcher

    We have been getting bailiff letters for almost five years now for someone who has never lived at this address. We have contacted the company who told us we needed to prove we lived at our address! Although this annoyed me me did it and were told he would be taken off our address. We have several other letters from the same company since and last month had a bailiff turn up at the door! Each time we inform them that we are not this man and he has never lived at this address and we are now told it’s just tough luck and it will keep happening and there is nothing we can do! So he gets away with not paying his debts and we get harassed about it and apparently just have to put up with it!

    1. CreditExpert Neil

      Hi, I see how this must be a very frustrating position to be in. You may want to contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau who would be able to provide you with further advice regarding bailiffs. Kind regards Neil.


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