Making Christmas Count this year

Staying on top your finances at Christmas can be tough, especially when there’s a lot to pay for, and a lot of time to fill.

Many people feel under pressure to spend more than they originally planned this Christmas, and the New Year can often be the time when people struggle with bills and money worries the most.

New research from National Debtline has showed that almost a quarter of Britons surveyed (23%) said they felt under pressure to spend more.

Making Christmas Count
Our friends at the Money Advice Trust are #MakingChristmasCount through December, which aims to show that you don’t need to spend a lot to give a thoughtful gift, or a great Christmas experience.

Each day up to 24th December their staff are sharing and demonstrating their ideas for thoughtful gifts they will be giving this year, or the most thoughtful gift they’ve received, showing that the best gifts aren’t necessarily the ones that cost the most.

You can find them updated daily on the Money Advice Trust website, which also features a 12 Christmas money tips feature.

Beat The Festive Overspend
Many of us find ourselves with an early Christmas present when the final salary of the year comes a week or two early – however this does of course mean that there’s a much longer run than usual until the next one in January.

It’s easy to overspend over the festive period, which is why budgeting not just to cover the Christmas period but into January can be a good idea.

And if you then find yourself feeling you need to apply for credit, it’s a good idea to make yourself as attractive as possible to lenders to give yourself the best chance of being accepted for the credit deals you want.  Five top tips:

– review your credit report regularly and check the details are all correct
– stay within your credit limits
– keep up with repayments and pay your credit bills on time
– register to vote at your current address
– try to avoid making too many credit applications in a short space of time

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