14 new Garden Villages to be built across the UK

Garden Villages to be builtWe now know where the 14 new ‘Garden Villages’  – new towns to help solve the housing crisis – will be. Their locations range from Cumbria to Cornwall.

Government ministers have backed plans for a brand new wave of ‘garden villages’ with between 1,500 and 10,000 new homes, in an effort to confront the growing lack of good housing stock.

Here’s where they are:

Long Marston (Stratford-on-Avon)
Oxfordshire Cotswold (west Oxfordshire)
Deenethorpe (east Northamptonshire)
Culm  (Devon)
Welborne (Hampshire)
West Carclaze (Cornwall)
Dunton Hills (Essex)
Spitalgate Heath (Lincolnshire)
Halsnead (Merseyside)
Longcross (Runnymede and Surrey Heath)
Bailrigg (Lancaster)
Infinity Garden Village (south Derbyshire)
St Cuthberts (near Carlisle)
North Cheshire (Cheshire)

Each village will include green spaces, good links to public transport and a wide mix of house prices, including affordable homes.

Housing minister Gavin Barwell said: “Locally led garden towns and villages have enormous potential to deliver the homes that communities need.

“New communities not only deliver homes, they also bring new jobs and facilities and a big boost to local economies. These places combined could provide almost 200,000 homes.”

Some opponents are sceptical, as it is three years since then chancellor George Osborne announced the building of 15,000 new homes in the ‘new town’ of Ebbsfleet, of which fewer than 500 have so far been built.

Others say that housing targets are putting genuine villages, deep in Green Belt country, at risk of being swallowed up by the development of new towns in the immediate vicinity.

What are Garden Villages?
Better known as Garden Cities, they date back to 1898 when Sir Ebenezer Howard published his book “Garden Cities Of Tomorrow”, which set out his (at the time outlandish) ideas that new cities should be planned, self-contained communities surrounded by what would soon become known as green belts.

Garden cities were intended to be new towns where homes, workplaces and facilities would be developed from scratch to sit in proportion. Only two true garden cities were built – Letchworth (built 1902), and Welwyn Garden City (1920) – where the main shopping area , the Howard Centre, stands as a memory to the man behind the idea of garden cities.

Others were later built as ‘new towns’, mainly as overspill from larger cities. The last batch, built between 1967 and 1970, included Telford and Milton Keynes.

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