Premier League ticket prices: still too much?

premier-league-prices-300There remains no shortage of demand for tickets to see Premier League football, but is it still too expensive for the ordinary fan at a time of reduced circumstances for many?

We’ve been looking at Barclays Premier League ticket prices for the new 2014-15 season to see if it is still priced beyond the average family, whether there are any green shoots to give us hope, and what you could do to manage your finances to budget for it.

After all, a season ticket for the football can be one of the single largest purchases you can make in a year, and managing your finances is important so as to ensure you’re in the best position to pay for it.

No sign of a slowdown – the country’s leading clubs may be metaphorically swimming in money thanks to the latest TV deal, but a survey from Sporting Intelligence shows that no fewer than 13 of the 20 top-flight clubs have raised their season ticket prices this season, with the average season ticket now at £870, an increase of 7 per cent since 2013-14.

However, there is a sizeable variation of ticket prices that reflects both demand and the need to address falling attendances in a tough economic climate.

Week in, week out costs  – The cheapest season ticket (for adults) in the Premier League, perhaps surprisingly, is at the current champions Manchester City, at just £299 – an average of just over £15 per home league game and a price freeze since last season.

Of course, like every club, City will have more expensive season tickets, depending on the type of seat and how early it is bought. Next up are three clubs in the midlands – Aston Villa (£335), West Bromwich Albion (£349) and new arrivals Leicester City (£365).

At the other end of the scale, even the cheapest season ticket at Arsenal would set you back £1,014 – a figure more expensive than all but two of the other lowest-priced tickets – with the most expensive one there an eye-watering £2,013.

Not got a season ticket?  Should you not have a season ticket and want to see a one-off game, the most expensive match-day ticket in English football is also at Arsenal, where a category A adult match-day ticket can cost up to £127, though their cheapest ticket however is a relatively average £26. Watching Chelsea at home however will cost supporters a minimum of £41 for a one-off game.

On the bright side….  – no club has a cheaper match-day ticket than Leicester City, at £15, and even at title contenders Liverpool you can see a match for only £19. And two clubs – Newcastle and Sunderland – have actually lowered their season ticket prices.

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