Save your energy and stay in credit

We all want to cut our energy bills...

We all want to cut our energy bills…

With some research suggesting that energy prices are rising up to eight times faster than average weekly earnings, many of us need all the help we can get to cut down our bills.

Get smart – Smart meters send readings directly to your supplier, which means you won’t have to keep providing estimated bills (and the possibility of unexpectedly huge bills at a later date!).

Some utility suppliers will give you lower tariffs at non-peak times, like running your washing machine late at night. And you’ll never have to wait at home for a meter reader again…

Energy monitors – If a smart meter isn’t available, this battery-powered device costs around £30 and can reveal which appliances are burning up precious power. Another idea is a shower timer.  You could even make a game of it for children, encouraging them to be quicker each time.

See the light – If you’re still using old-style light bulbs, it’s time to switch to eco-friendly ones. They may not be cheap but they use much less energy and should last for years.

Turn it off! – It may seem obvious but one of the easiest ways to save energy is to switch off lights and appliances when they’re not in use. And never use stand-by – according to the Energy Saving Trust, a typical household could save up to £80 a year just by reaching for the off switch instead of the stand-by button.

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