Experian Credit Score top tip #3 of 5: Set up direct debit payments

tip 3  - 600x300Everyone has an Experian Credit Score. Looking after it, nurturing, growing and improving it can help you get a better rate on loans, credit card or mortgages.

If you apply for new credit, and lenders see late or missed payments on credit agreements with other lenders, they may be concerned that you will miss payments to them too.

Missed or late payments stay on your credit report for at least six years, and this can have a big impact on your score. This means that any credit you do apply for and manage to get could have a higher interest rate and might cost you more money.

Regular payments on time can help build up a good credit account payment history. So it’s a good idea to set up a direct debit so you can make a payment as soon as you get a statement or a notification. It might also help if you change the payment date to a time that is more suitable (after pay day is usually a good one) so as to help you budget for the month and other regular costs.

The Experian Credit Score is a guide to help you understand your credit report, and how the way you’ve managed the credit you’ve had in the past might affect applications you’re making now.

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