Stay safe from identity theft at the summer festivals

rock-festivals-300It’s Glastonbury 2016 this weekend, probably the most well-known of the many summer festivals full of revelry, music and (hopefully) sunshine.

From black-clad teenagers to an family taking a ‘different’ holiday, they all want to get away from it all and stop worrying about the daily grind.

However, if you are going to this or other summer festivals, it’s worth remembering that fraudsters like to strike while your guard might be down – so it pays to remember some tips to keep your identity safe while you rave.

Also, be careful what you post on social networking sites before you go and whilst you are away. A simple message about what a great time you are having could also be an alert that your home may be empty.

While you’re there, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your personal information, and on your credit report for any signs of unusual activity.

• Switch off the personal hotspot setting on your mobile devices, and ensure it is password protected
• Try not to access crucial services such as online banking via your mobile device
• Do not carry passwords written on paper or saved on your devices
• Don’t flash your mobile devices around for all to see. Relax but be sensible.
• Only bring essential valuables, such as a debit card and a mobile phone
– Should your wallet be stolen, cancel your cards immediately and check your Experian Credit Report
 to see whether there has been any suspicious or irregular activity.

If you think you’ve a victim of identity theft, notify the police, contact your bank and check your credit report, as then it will be on record – and any organisations the fraudsters may approach can be alerted to it.  Your Experian Credit Report shows credit activity in your name so you can spot potentially fraudulent activity.

Experian’s Victims of Fraud service, part of Experian CreditExpert membership, is also available free to fraud victims, and has a dedicated team to give expert advice and support tailored to particular circumstances.

(updated from post on 23 June, 2015)

One thought on “Stay safe from identity theft at the summer festivals

  1. S Brerton

    Festivals these days must be so appealing to pickpockets and thieves. Mobile phones are especially vulnerable but also play an important safety role. Let’s hope more people take heed of your advice!


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