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Spring clean your finances

Let your credit report do the work

Let your credit report do the work

Spring is *finally* now in the air, which means for many of us thoughts are turning to summer holidays, days out – and numerous other ways to get spending.

You may have lower heating bills, but are they offset by a higher spend on summer merriment? The days are longer, and there’s a lot of temptation to make hay while the sun (literally) shines.

If you tend to rush headlong into the warmer months without much of a thought about how you’ll finance your fun, it’s a good idea to pour cold water on that hot head and start thinking ahead – and take control of your finances. And one way of doing that is to understand what’s on your credit report, so you can see for yourself the steps you can take to improve it.

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Help your child understand the value of money

It's never too early to learn about good finance tips

It’s never too early to learn about good finance tips

When it comes to personal finance, many Brits believe in starting young. Research from 2014 showed that nearly a quarter of parents give their three-year-olds pocket money – and nearly half of these lucky tots get up to £1 a week. By the time their kids reach 15, more than 90 per cent of parents provide an allowance, giving an average of £7 to £8 a week.

Well, that’s if they remember – nearly a third of parents said they sometimes forgot to dish out the pocket money and almost one in five confessed to rarely handing it over.

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Get credit-set for a summer of football

Brazil World Cup 2014

A summer of football, sunshine…and not much work done?

There are fewer than 100 days now until 12 June, which sees the opening match of this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Excited? I certainly am. I’ve been to a major tournament myself, and can vouch for how amazing it feels to be part of the action.  And it’s not too late to think about travelling out to Brazil to take part in the festivities.

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