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Graduate debt on the rise: 5 tips for new students

A new world of university life is shortly set to open up for thousands of teenagers.

Most new students realise they’ll leave university with a loan they’ll spend years having to pay back once they’ve made it into the world of work.

But new research shows that new graduates will face average debt levels over a third of the average outstanding mortgage.

By the time they start paying back their loans – maintenance and tuition fees – their debts will be well in excess of £41,000, according to The Money Charity,  which is 35% of the average outstanding mortgage (£117,162).

And how you manage any credit you have now can affect your chance of getting credit in the future.

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Why young adults are still living at home

young-adults-at-home-IG2Flying the nest, fleeing the coop – whatever you want to call it, since Elvis was strutting his stuff in the 1950’s large numbers of young adults have dreamed of the day they no longer have to live at their parents’ home. These days, with 800,000 graduates stuck at home, more young people than before the credit crunch can’t afford to move out. Continue reading