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Smartphones and your credit score: how they’re linked

The new iPhone SE officially goes on sale in the UK on 31st March, and marks a move to a smaller model, one that is designed to appeal to a broader range of customers. Intended as the new ’entry-level’ model, the 4-inch SE is actually the first one that isn’t a number.

Around half the population currently owns a smartphone, and the market is hugely competitive, with all sorts of attractive deals available.

But with expensive handsets on long contracts, providers need to be comfortable that you are going to make your monthly payments on time each month.

It may surprise some people, but mobile phone contracts are actually credit agreements. Applying for a mobile phone contract is not much different than applying to a credit card provider or a bank – they are normally going to look at the information on your application form and in your credit report to give you a credit score. Continue reading

How to keep control of costs when buying your child a mobile phone

Here’s Anthony Hill from broadbandchoices.co.uk with some tips on buying mobile phones for children:

If your children run up a huge phone bill, your credit rating could be affected

If your children run up a huge phone bill, your credit rating could be affected

At what age should you buy your child a mobile phone? It’s probably not a question your parents had to consider. However, a recent study by broadbandchoices.co.uk, where you can now compare mobile phones as well as TV and internet deals, found 90% of kids aged 8-14 have one and, on average, are just 10 when they get their first handset.

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