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Grow your credit score if you’re moving to or from the UK

By Neil Stone, Experian UK Social Support team

If you have recently moved to the UK, or moved back after a spell abroad, you may be wondering what you can do to start to grow your Experian Credit Score. 

You may even be looking to spread your wings and move abroad, and wondering how this will impact your score.

Due to the differences in data protection laws between countries we are some way off having a “global” credit score, we at Experian in the UK only hold information relating to individuals at UK addresses and so moving to or from a new country will mean starting your credit history afresh.

We’ve put together some tips on what you can do to get started on building your credit history.

If you’re…..moving to the UK for the first time
Firstly, you will need to start building your credit history.  For those that have moved from another EU country, then the first step to take would be to register on the electoral roll.

EU citizens can vote in EU elections, and registering at your current address on the voters roll will help when you apply for credit, as lenders often use this to help confirm the ID of their applicant.  You can find out more about registering to vote at www.aboutmyvote.co.uk

If you are not able to register to on the electoral roll, you can add a note to your credit report (once you have obtained a copy of your credit report) to explain this, called a Notice Of Correction.

Many banks now share information relating to current accounts with overdrafts, so speaking to your bank about such an account could be the next step towards building up your credit history.

As your accounts become more established, lenders will be able to use the information to help make their lending decisions.

If you’re…..moving back to the UK
We hold information on closed accounts for six years, so when moving back from a spell abroad there may still be information on your credit report, depending on how long you have been away.

To check for any old information, make sure you supply your old UK address in your application when it asks for a previous address.

If you’re …..moving to another country from the UK ~
As information on your UK credit report is for use within the UK only, we can’t supply your UK credit report to any countries outside of the UK.

If you are moving abroad, you may want to get a copy of your credit report to take with you when you go. This way you would be able to provide a potential lender with your UK credit report yourself should they wish to see it.

The Experian Credit Score is a guide to help you understand your credit report, and how the way you’ve managed the credit you’ve had in the past might affect applications you’re making now. For more information on how to improve your Experian Credit Score, here are our top 5 tips.