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New Year financial goals: 5 tips for making and keeping them

The monthly financesNow is a good a time as any to clear out your financial clutter, especially with – for many – January’s salary feeling a long way off after the festive blowout.

So to get 2017 off to a bright new start and set yourself some achievable financial goals, we’ve got 5 simple tips.

1.    Check out your ins and outs  Even small changes can help you balancing your income against your outgoings, which can often help you feel more in control of your finances.

It can help you work out when to allow room for certain annual essentials, for example direct debits like a TV licence, one-off annual charges like home or car insurance, or things like birthdays or special events – as well as stopping outgoings you may no longer need or use, like a gym membership you forgot you had.

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Blue Monday? What January blues?

New Year is loading nowThere’s a lot said about the January Blues: how it’s cold, dark, there’s no money left in the pot after the festive season and the long gap since last payday, and it’s the most miserable time of the year. So far, so typical.

But we think there’s actually a lot good about January, certainly in terms of taking control of your finances – here are 5 reasons why we’re secret fans of January.

1. Review what goes in and comes out
There’s nothing quite like the start of the year for taking stock of your finances, and budgeting for the year ahead.  Continue reading