How late payments on my credit report could affect you

Gray from Experian Experts explains how late payments on your credit report might affect your credit application, and what you could do to help give your credit application a better chance of success. You can see more videos from Experian’s Experts on our YouTube channel.

2 thoughts on “How late payments on my credit report could affect you

  1. joanne

    my payment to my outfit storecard is due date is the 20th and i paid cash on the 17th instore will that be classed as a late payment,my statement gets produced on the 24th of each month

    1. CreditExpert Stuart

      Hi Joanne, Making sure that you have paid your bills on time is important in making sure that your credit report is good. If you have paid an account before the due date then this should be seen as being paid on time on your credit report. You might want to check with the lender however to ensure that this is the case.

      Kind regards,
      CreditExpert Stuart


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