World Book Day 2016

world-book-day-300Did you know that Thursday 3rd March is the 19th annual World Book Day? If you have school-age children you may well be aware, as schools up and down the country will have children parading in fancy dress to represent their favourite books.

It’s encouraging to know that even in the age of instant online, anytime anywhere information, physical books are on the way back into fashion.  Technology comes and goes but it seems that nothing beats the feeling of holding a book, turning the pages and enjoying a more physical experience.

In shops – not just online
The rise of online shopping for entertainment goods such as DVDs, music and books has led many commentators to worry in recent years that bookshops, and even physical books themselves, were in danger of being phased out.

However, recent evidence would seem to suggest that our love of bookshops and the sensual thrill of books is still in good shape.

Leading UK bookshop Waterstones stopped selling Kindle handheld devices in October 2015, replacing them with paperback and hardback books.

And in November 2015, a major cultural shift was reached when Amazon opened its first physical bookstore, in its home city of Seattle, 20 years after it started selling books on the internet – at the same prices as the online store.

People love bookshops – they are a great way to idle an hour away when you’ve got time to spare, a good place to take children for some quiet, educational but fun time, and nowadays they are often a centre for events, cafes and other options that can make for a regular destination.

It’s good to read
Reading for pleasure is a habit that can bring so many benefits to children and to adults too. Not only is it said that children who read for enjoyment do better in reading tests, but they also develop a broader vocabulary, a wider general knowledge and understand more about the world at large.

For adults too, it can increase their general well-being (getting ‘away from it all’), knowledge and vocabulary – and of course reading with your children is a marvellous and simple way of enjoying valuable time together.

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