Helping the young to develop vital money skills

It's never too early to learn about good finance tips

It’s never too early to learn about good finance tips

My Money Week, which runs from 8-14 June, is a national activity week for primary and secondary schools which aims to help young people gain the skills, knowledge and confidence in money matters they’ll need to thrive in today’s society.

It’s the brainchild of the Personal Finance Education Group (pfeg), which helps teach children to understand money and how to manage it.

For the past two years Experian has partnered with pfeg on a project to help primary school children improve vital money skills.  In this time, the project has transformed numerous primary schools around the country into national Centres of Excellence for financial education, helping more than 12,000 pupils, parents and teachers improve their money skills.

For the second year of the programme, Experian identified high priority areas that needed support in financial literacy, with pfeg’s educational specialists working with teachers to create tailored financial education programmes aimed at helping pupils get the skills they’ll need once they leave school.    The focus is not just on the children though, as many teachers and parents have also benefited.  As a result, over 80% of the teachers involved have been trained to deliver financial education lessons.

Ilana le Roux, Financial Champion, Culloden Primary School, said:  “The whole outlook of the school has changed, and I mean the WHOLE school, in the approach to money related learning.  It’s no longer a one off but a daily thing.  I have seen the change building year on year.  There is a clear expectation that we teach financial education to a very high standard.”

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Developed and launched by Experian in 2012, Values, Money and Me aims to help young children get a head start in life by helping develop their financial knowledge and abilities, as well as their attitudes and values towards money.

Available to all UK primary schools, the web resource – based on the financial dilemmas of the residents of Pride Place – has been designed to resemble a children’s storybook. Simple to use, it explores key issues such as earning money, budgeting and saving, through a range of engaging activities, based on a series of interactive stories. Values, Money and Me is currently being used by a number of primary schools to deliver money lessons. It can be found on Facebook too.


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