How can marketers use data to achieve true customer engagement in the multichannel world?

With more marketing channels than ever before, marketers now have access to an absolute wealth of data to enhance customer engagement. It’s opening up a lot of opportunities – but also posing a few challenges.

Let’s take email as an example, companies can see who’s opened the email, who’s clicked through and who didn’t bother; but are they collecting that insight at the customer level and matching it back to more traditional databases? It’s a very different world to direct mail. You might know if it had been delivered, but not whether it was seen or opened.

Now technology means you can develop a much better understanding of the ways in which your customers are engaging with you. Identifying them is the key to success in customer engagement, be it through IP address, a cookie, or better still as a registered user or customer. The data gleaned from email campaigns, website visits and transactional data allows companies to build up a far richer picture of the way they engage with their customers. With tools that allow the creation of a single view of the customer it becomes possible to develop far more complex and sophisticated multichannel campaigns.

Experian’s multichannel customer engagement solutions offer ‘multiwave’ capabilities, enabling a campaign to be based on multiple phases, each triggered or managed according to the responses or behaviours of an individual. And these campaigns can be delivered through multiple channels, ideally selected by customer preferences. It would be all but impossible to manage campaigns this complex using spreadsheet planning, but our solutions allow campaign management to be configured in a highly detailed way, with customer profile and behavioural data driving the campaign.

A decade ago this would never have been possible; those insights into customer engagement just would not have been available and the sophisticated multiwave capabilities needed to act on them were not sufficiently advanced. This is opening up opportunities for companies operating in many different sectors, from financial services and retailers, who you might expect to use this sort of solution, to new sectors.

So analysing data to find actionable insights, then communicating using software that can target and interface into different channels – like email, social media and mobile as well as traditional channels such as direct mail and call centres – all means you can be sure that you’re not only reaching customers, but engaging them with the most effective messages.


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