Putting C.U.S.T.O.M.E.R at the heart of marketing

Many organisations strive to be customer-centric, putting their customers at the heart of their business. Indeed recent research from Experian highlights that 43% of consumers will buy more from a brand that understands them and their engagements and treats them accordingly.

The Data & Analytics team here is no different – our mission is to help brands connect with their customers in the multi-channel world. But with our extensive marketing capabilities, explaining the ways we can help business with their marketing and customer engagement can become overly complex.  It can be confusing. Dare I say it jargon may sometimes sneak in – and that can’t be very customer-centric.

So that got me thinking. How to summarise and present what we do in a simple way that will resonate with marketers and their organisations, yet convey the breadth of our offering? Thinking about it, CUSTOMER seemed to sum this up perfectly. So, here’s the CUSTOMER guide to each stage of the marketing process and how we can help brands at every step.

  • Collect – define what data you want to collect, what you need to know, where is it and what channels can it be extracted from.
  • Unite – bring the data in to one source, unite disparate parts in to a Single Customer View.
  • Standardiseclean it, make sure you don’t waste money on old data, and update details of critical customers you want to keep.
  • Targetanalyse your market and your customers, define who you want and what you are going to say to them, profile and model.
  • Optimise – make sure that communications are optimised and next best offers are utilised if no response. Define the KPI’s and the best chances of meeting them.
  • Manage – manage the process from beginning to end. Speed up the marketing cycle to make the most of trigger opportunities and fresh data.
  • Execute – use all channels, defining the best for each customer type, segment or offering. Multi-channel campaigns planned for maximum exposure.
  • Report – ensure your MI is in order, that everyone can see it, formalise match back reporting and do something with the results, learn from each campaign and then start again.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Sounds simple? Well, the best ideas and initiatives often are- on the surface at least.  But behind them lies an amazing amount of complexity. Breaking through the complexity and distilling it can deliver a more powerful message and help to drive home what we are really all about.


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