Scotland DMA-IDM Conference – a gathering of Scottish Marketers!

Yesterday I was at the DMA-IDM Scotland Conference in Edinburgh. It was great to be amongst the Scottish marketing industry and have the opportunity to discuss how we can all deliver cross-channel campaigns that help us engage with today’s connected customer.

There was a great line up of speakers. We heard from Microsoft, Blippar and Random House who shared strategic and practical insights into the impact of the latest digital innovations on marketing and what this means for businesses.

Talk at the event was of how much customers are changing and why it is essential for marketers to think carefully about how they connect with customers both through online and offline channels.  What is apparent is that marketers must not focus on channels but move to personalised interactions with customers, regardless of channel.

Colin Grieves, our Head of Strategy & Propositions at Experian Marketing Services, shared his insight at the event and explained how boundaries are being broken down to truly connect with customers. At the heart of this is getting the data, insight and technology correct.

For the modern marketer this means you will need to:

  • Be aware of the new data innovations that can make a difference to your business. Make sure you use the new data sources available and link your data across channels. This is essential.
  • Understand all the new channels available to marketers. The new consumer is hyper-connected and the future is smart … be that from mobiles, bank cards, cars and even refrigerators.
  • Effective deployment is vital. We’ve just launched our own Cross-Channel Marketing Platform, which enables brands to deliver data-driven communications across all channels, integrating real time data and customer insight to create meaningful customer conversations.
  • Don’t forget the consumer! Data owners must ensure that opted-in data is at the core of their strategy and that they are data compliant.

If you want to know more, contact me, or check out how Experian can help you be a smarter marketer.


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